Polysexual: Which have intimate appeal to many but not all of the sexes

Platonic Life partner: Someone with exactly who one may not be personal otherwise sexual, but in order to just who you have generated lifelong obligations that may were things such as cohabiting and you can coparenting. Either abbreviated PLP.

Polycule: A system off interrelated relationships; are often used to make reference to the latest system by itself, or a chart demonstrating an identical. A portmanteau away from “poly” and you will “molecule,” by ranged possible options as well as how they may be able wind up as maps of agents structures off molecules. Groups and you can systems bigger than five some one commonly only play with “polycule” otherwise “constellation” to spell it out the network, unlike on one of your own specialized terms to have quicker gadgets, because the molds may complicated.

Note: a lot of people use pansexual because of it meaning also, since it is more prominent name and you can commentary to sexualities was moving on.

Top Relationships/Partner: The fresh new prioritized relationships or partner into the a hierarchical put-right up. People has numerous number 1 couples, otherwise get-off the choice for further first-level matchmaking to survive; however, many just who like it matchmaking build don’t.

Matchmaking Anarchy: A romance structure that can be viewed as a type of non-hierarchical polyamory, however, a great deal more especially can be applied anarchist standards regarding thinking-determination and you can shortage of county engagement so you’re able to sexual relationship. Usually abbreviated RA . Permits with the individual concept of for each and every relationships rather than names getting used, and you may a great deal of dispute exists doing exactly how RA is otherwise isnt utilized in polyamorous moves and you will people.

Additional Relationship/Partner: Additional people otherwise relationships outside of the no. 1 ones when you look at the an excellent hierarchical community. They frequently must accept pre-current rules or limits on time outlined because of the number 1 matchmaking people, in place of recourse adjust such.

Unicamente Polyamory: A type of polyamory in which just one decides to end Erotic Websites singles dating up being their own “first spouse,” strengthening connections without the presumption out of moving on up the “relationships escalator” that have no less than one. Often includes the belief regarding traditions except that all the couples.

Commonly date-restricted to the beginning of another type of flirtation otherwise dating, however, from time to time an open power to terminate more matchmaking at any day

Transgender : Somebody who identifies since the transgender means as the one sex most other compared to you to these people were tasked during the birth. This may be the actual only real intercourse identifying identity they use, otherwise they may explore almost every other, way more specific conditions within the trans umbrella.*

Telemour: The new companion of an excellent metamour who isn’t your shared companion; regarding the options “tele,” distant – therefore practically “distant love

Triad: A love out of three people, all of who are romantically involved in both. A great triad includes around three dyads (A and you may B; An excellent and you can C; and you can B and you may C) and the triad dating (An effective and you may B and you can C). Perhaps one of the most publicized kinds of polyamory during the traditional news.

Unicorn: A good bisexual woman whom would rather features relationship having both pieces from a good heterosexual pair towards the conditions lay primarily by you to definitely people arrangements.

Unicorn Hunters: Couples which find a beneficial bisexual woman which would rather keeps matchmaking having one another parts of a good heterosexual couples on terminology place mainly from the one to couples preparations to own a relationship. Which title is often used derisively, since this sorts of body is extremely difficult discover once the of must accept every couples conditions, and since this framework when handled is usually regularly adversely feeling more youthful bisexual women new to polyamory.

V: A love community along with around three somebody in which there are two “ends” who’re metamours however romantically involved in one another, and you can a beneficial rely lover. A v (often created vee ) polycule contains one or two dyads (A good and B and you will B and you will C).

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